Who is Val Idées?

Val Idées is an extraordinarily creative artist, bursting with a never-ending stream of innovative ideas. As a native French speaker, the word "idées" truly embodies her passion for generating unique concepts and designs.

Creativity has always been an integral part of Val Idées' daily life. During the year, she tought numerous courses across various creative disciplines, including painting, interior decoration, paper mache, scrapbooking, mixed media, sewing, and even singing. She enjoy using her hands to craft beautiful and captivating pieces. From applying patinas on furniture or walls to creating sculptures, her talent knows no bounds.

Originally from Belgium, Val Idées embarked on an adventurous journey in 2009 when she travelled to Canada to immerse herself in the English language. Little did she know that this bold step would lead her to meet her French husband. Together, they decided to stay in this remarkable country and eventually welcomed the arrival of their two daughters, all of whom now proudly hold Canadian nationality.

A few years ago, Val Idées felt a strong urge to rekindle her love for teaching art classes. She began with private workshops and face painting for various events, which progressively evolved into online workshops in 2020. Today, she passionately offers a wide range of services, both in-person and on the Internet, all aimed at bringing creativity into people's lives. Whether you're seeking personal instruction or seeking to enhance your artistic skills through virtual platforms, Val Idées is here to inspire and guide you on a transformative journey.

Experience the transformative power of art with Val Idées, and allow her to awaken the creative spirit within you. Discover the joy of self-expression and unleash your boundless imagination. With Val Idées, the possibilities are endless, and a world of creativity awaits your embrace.

« Having been her student for many years, I could praise all the artistic qualities of Val Idées, her creative talent and her perseverance.
In my opinion, she also possesses three valuable human qualities: reliable, responsible and hardworking. »
Anaëlle Tramasure



Believe in the power of creativity to transform materials (mainly natural or recycled) into exceptional works of art.


Encourage curiosity and lifelong learning, providing opportunities for artistic exploration in different areas for all skill levels.


Promote the planet by mainly using ecological, recycled or recyclable materials during workshops, thus contributing to a more sustainable future.


Committed to making art accessible to all, by offering online and in-person workshops for children and adults.

« Val Idées is an original artist expressing her talent in many disciplines.
She is always looking for artistic changes and creative discoveries. »
Georges Téplookhoff



Inspire creativity with fun and educational multidisciplinary artistic workshops that stimulate imagination and development.


Awaken everyone's creativity, during inspiring artistic workshops that transcend the barriers of age and distance with art as a tool for personal expression.